Valentine Credit Love: “What’s Your Score?”

ImageCredit scores are used by lenders to help size up the risk of providing loans to people who want to purchase a house or car. These days, even employers use credit scores to evaluate job candidates.

Now, singles are increasingly using credit scores to size up their dates. More and more people are directly asking dates about their credit score, using it as a way to evaluate the chance of having a successful future together with shared finances.

You can spot the trend online with credit score dating sites like Membership to these kinds of sites is increasing because people are becoming more concerned about financial responsibility in relationships. In fact, couples who fight about money are 30% more likely to get divorced.

A really good score is anything over 760 on the fico scale – it’s the one that lenders use. So, if you are curious about your credit score and how it might impact your love life, you can get a free copy of your credit report through

In the meantime, you can do a few things to improve your credit score and your chances that cupid will strike. Pay your bills on time. Don’t apply for new credit cards. And, don’t close cards that you already have. Do these things and with any luck, your love life might just improve!

Source: “Credit score dating: Finding financial compatibility.”
The TODAY Show – aired January 29, 2013